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The Mansard

Our design for the MANSARD was inspired by the elegance of the white farmhouse. We wantedto create a structure that gave our clients an option for a home that had a more traditional-feel.With a keen attention to detail, our design team went to work developing this beautifully detailedelegant tiny home.

MANSARD 5-10-17 Data Sheet
Custom Tiny Homes
Custom Tiny Homes
Custom Tiny Homes
Custom Tiny Homes
Tiny House, Billings MT

The design’s name evolved from the barn-style roof design called a mansard roof. The home’s roof system is sheathed with 3/4-inch plywood, ice & water shield, and covered with a 24-gauge standing-seam metal roof system capable of withstanding high winds & hail. While some customization can be made to your home’s colors, the exterior material options that we have
chosen capture the purity of the little white farmhouse. In the renderings shown here, the white wood-grained shakes are made of light-weight concrete. These units are not only beautiful, but they are also built to withstand harsh outdoor climates and big temperature swings found in many areas of the United States. The planters are detachable making them easy to store when
the unit is in transit or the weather becomes too harsh for the plants. ALL of the materials in this home are pre-finished from the manufacturer, making them maintenance free.
The interior of the home was designed to feel elegant. Large planes of glass have been incorporated into both of the long walls in this design to give it a more spacious feel. Clients will have the option of two (2) different trailer lengths to best accommodate their storage desires. The walls & ceiling will be finished with white-washed bead-board to give it a tounge and groove feel, and the
floors will be a durable, wood-look, plank-style, laminated vinyl tile. The counters will be a solid surface material that emulates Carrara marble. The cabinetry will play against the white-washed look and a tile back splash will be incorporated into the kitchen area. The bathroom will include a composting toilet as well as a full-sized claw-foot tub/shower combination and a pedestal sink.
Each one of our projects have been designed and engineered by licensed Architects and Engineers. All of our homes are designed to be moved and stand up to abuse found in any climate. The walls, roof, and floor have been constructed with some of the highest thermal resistance values (R-Values) in the industry. Our walls boast an R-Value of over 20, our floors systems have an R-Value
of 19, and our roof system has been designed to an R-Value of nearly 30. This gives your tiny home the energy efficiency it needs to withstand the harshest of summer or winter weather while saving you money on your heating/cooling costs. Each home’s windows are made from reliable manufacturers that use powder-coated, extruded aluminum on both the frame of the window
and the sash. This makes the windows impact resistant to both hail and rocks. The windows are argon-filled and have a U-factor of below .30.

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